Episode 38

Published on:

28th Nov 2022

Building Biodiversity for a Successful Farming Future

As we near next month’s UN Biodiversity Conference – COP 15 – we take a look at a different side of climate change: biodiversity and conservation. On this month’s episode, Senior Biodiversity Specialist Nadine Azzu tells us about her expectations for the conference, and we learn more about the landmark agreement that first brought biodiversity to the table: The Convention on Biological Diversity. We also hear about three IFAD projects that put biodiversity and conservation at the forefront of their missions.

Food Systems Summit Director Nadine Gbossa and Nigeria country director Dede Ekoue tell us more about the Global Donor Platform for Rural Development. Our series on Bangladesh continues and our Recipes for Change Chef Carlo Cracco travels to Sri Lanka to find out how jackfruit is helping local communities. We learn about INSURED, an IFAD programme that helps small-scale farmers receive agriculture and climate related insurance.

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