Episode 40

Published on:

30th Jan 2023

Promoting Indigenous Voice

This month we talk about a crucial yet underrepresented group in the fight for climate change: Indigenous Peoples. Join us on our travels around the world and hear what chefs, activists and experts have to say about the issues most important to their communities, ahead of IFAD’s Indigenous Peoples’ Forum in February. Up first, we chat with IFAD’s very own Ilaria Firmian, a Senior Technical Specialist on Indigenous Peoples, before learning about all kinds of indigenous cuisine, from South Africa to the United States.

We continue our journey with a leader and activist in Nicaragua, who battles for her community – from land rights to gender equality. We learn more about Free, Prior and Informed Consent, and how IFAD works to include indigenous voices at all levels of project implementation.

We finish of our episode by chatting with our Goodwill Ambassador, Sabrina Elba, before receiving the latest from the climate frontline in Bangladesh.

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